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Don’t remember where I found these, but whoever made them is a hero.


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“I love autumn because you can break and regrow and the trees accept it.
Because you can have a cold heart and cold fingertips and you will feel at home.
Because when you wake up early and smell coffee and rain you know today will be a day of change, no matter what.
Because everything around us is dying but you are still here. Every day you can tell autumn ‘I made it’, and the leaves are jealous because dying is all they know.”

—   Autumn,
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The President’s desk.


The President’s desk.


Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain’t comin’ back ()

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Be here now

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Does the way we feel about baseball hot streaks…

…parallel our fear of terrorist attacks?

THIS WEEK: Jack O’Brien, David Wong, and Daniel O’Brien discuss some of the more deceiving statistics in our world. From “Let’s Make A Deal” probabilities to how likely it is you’ll be eaten by a shark, find out why your common sense is worthless and your brain fails at math most every time.

9 Statistics That Prove You’re Wrong About Everything


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Happy Halloween by Cristian Sabau on Flickr.


Today in History: Gemini 11 astronauts Dick Gordon and Pete Conrad come home on September 15, 1966. After a 44-orbit journey lasting 2 days, 23 hours, 17 minutes, 9 seconds, the two-man crew splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean, 2.8 miles (4.5 km) from its recovery ship USS Guam.

Fun fact: The Gemini 11 mission was supported by 9,054 United States Department of Defense personnel, 73 aircraft and 13 ships.